Migrants, Refugees, and the Media The New Reality of Open Societies

Professor and ViSmedia member Paul C. Adams has written the first chapter of the new book; Migrants, Refugees, and the Media The New Reality of Open Societies published by Routledge.

The large-scale movements of refugees and economic migrants from conflict zones to more stable societies have resulted in challenges, both for new entrants and their hosts. This fascinating volume brings together a collection of media analyses focused on immigration issues to examine how migration has been represented to the public.

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2018Hedvig Idås
Data-Driven Storytelling

Nicholas Diakopoulos, Nathalie Henry Riche, Christophe Hurter, and Sheelagh Carpendalen have edited this accessible introduction to data-driven storytelling. It offers an integrated definition of the topic, presents vivid examples and patterns for data storytelling, and calls out key challenges and new opportunities for researchers and practitioners. Diakopoulos has also co-edited two of the chapters.


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Responsible Drone Journalism

The use of camera drones is expanding. Responsible Drone Journalism investigates the opportunities and dilemmas of using drones for journalistic purposes in a global perspective, drawing on a framework of responsible research and innovation (RRI). Edited by Astrid Gynnild and Turo Uskali.

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2018Siri Flatlandsmo
Virtual Reality Prototyping in Journalism: How to Best Collaborate With Agile Methods

In the Virjox projects, journalism scholars, human-computer interaction and computer scientists and media company developers innovate together to figure out how to create the best immersive journalism and other media products. Turo Uskali, Heli Väätäjä and Esa Sirkkunen offer insights into the project.

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