Accessible Introduction To Data-Driven Storytelling


A new book is out on the shelves. According to reviews, it's a great introduction to Data-Driven journalism.

Late March, the  book "Data-driven Storytelling" was published. ViSmedia researcher and Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, Nicholas Diakopolous, co-edited the book alongside Nathalie Henry Richie, Christope Hurter and Sheelagh Carpendale.

Great reviews



The book has received great reviews, among others by Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland:

Trumpets please! This lucidly written report on data-driven storytelling lays out the compelling benefits and substantial challenges of this potent journalistic innovation. The strong team of authors offer fresh thinking and thoughtful guidance on exploration, explanation, engagement, ethics, and evaluation. Packed with examples for practitioners and references for researchers, this book opens up fresh possibilities that extend information visualization into decision-making, policy-shifting, and mind-changing applications.
Calls out challenges and opportunities

This book is a result from unique discussions between data visualisation researchers and data journalist, and presents an accessible introduction to data-driven storytelling. It calls out key challenges and new opportunities for researchers and practitioners.

Diakopoulos also wrote the chapter Ethics in Data-Driven Visual Storytelling and co-wrote the chapter Communicating Data to an Audience.


Interested in learning more about Diakopous' work? Click on the links below:

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