Morphing Average Faces in Journalism


Could face morphing have a potential in a journalistic setting? 

Most apps that use face manipulation these days are used for entertainment purposes. But there may be potential for this kind of technology in journalism too. This paper investigates the creation of realistic, anonymized faces as an alternative to blurring or pixelation, which is normally used today.

On November 27-29, the conference Norsk IKT konferanse for forskning og utdanning (NIKT) took place in Oslo. The ViSmedia researcher's were there to present their proceeding titled "Realistic face manipulation by morphing with average faces". The researchers behind it are Joar Midthun, Bjørnar Tessem, Simen Karlsen and Lars Nyre.

However, the technology is not fully developed. "It struggles with sufficient anonymization due to identifiable non- facial features of persons in an image", they write. 

Siri Flatlandsmo