Special Issue on Photojournalism and Editorial Processes

If anyone can take a photo, what is the role of photojournalism in our time? This is one of many questions this special issue of Nordic Review explores.

This volume was inspired by  the editors' collaboration at a panel at the NordMedia conference in 2015. The editors are ViSmedia's own Astrid Gynnild from Norway, Maria Nilsson from Sweden, Anne Hege Simonsen from Norway, and Hanna Weselius from Finland.

The field of photojournalism is changing, and so is the discourse surrounding it. Photo departments are being reduced or eliminated, and news organizations are increasingly turning to agency and freelance content.  This volume, titled "Photojournalism and Editorial Processes: Global Similarities, Local Differences", is a collection of articles where the authors address this topic through various theoretical and methodological lenses and in different contexts. The issue is both printed and published online

Nordic Review Special Issue 38 aims to give photojournalism the scolarly interest it deserves within the field of journalism. It explores important questions: In what ways can we seek to understand the complexities of the expanding role of photojournalism in editorial processes? And how can an ongoing professionalization of photojournalism appear to go hand in hand with a de-professionalization of visual news coverage? 

The editors wish to challenge what they consider a "rather uniform portrayal of the effects of digitalization on photojournalism".

ViSmedia has previously written about the Nordic editors, when they came to University of Bergen to participate in an open seminar about "Photojournalism and Editorial Processes" in February.






EDITOR: Astrid Gynnild's one of the editors for this issue of Nordicom Review.

EDITOR: Astrid Gynnild's one of the editors for this issue of Nordicom Review.