Mobile Spotting in the Media

POSTER: From the event.

POSTER: From the event.

The smartphone is the new Swiss Army Knife for media enthusiasts. Mojo storytelling and livestreaming are changing the premises for visual journalism. What matters is the spotting of visual news in new ways, and doing it faster than everyone else. Soon our smartphones will be able take pictures and videos at the command of your voice.

But what is happening at the forefront of mobile app development? How can visual mobile technologies be used for good? What can we and what can we not publish online, and how do we resolve new privacy issues raised by the smartphone revolution?

These are some of the questions that will be answered during the one-day-conference ”Mobile spotting in the media”, held in Bergen January 12, 2017. Keynote speaker is Yusuf Omar, a ”cellphone trailblazer” according to Huffington Post. Omar is mobile editor in Hindustan Times, and specializes in new ways of using Snapchat, Facebook Live, and 360 video in news journalism. Omar achieved worldwide fame through a Snapchat-project in selfie-journalism about victims of sexual abuse.

Editor-in-chief John Arne Markussen will reveal the latest news on Dagbladet’s innovation on big news in small formats. Professor Jill Rettberg, focuses on dilemmas of snap research and archiving. Professors Lars Nyre and Bjørnar Tessem will present an ongoing experiment on facial recognition and image manipulation on mobile devices. Author and expert on media law, Jon Wessel-Aas, will discuss privacy and other legal dilemmas of visual publishing on the web.The conference concludes with an interactive panel debate where researchers and media experts discuss opportunities and dilemmas of mobile spotting in the media.

”By illuminating these polarities, we hope to achieve exciting debates on this important field,” says professor Astrid Gynnild, leader of the research project ViSmedia at the University of Bergen.

The conference is in cooperation with ViSmedia and NCE Media, and everyone interested in mobile development — especially journalists, researchers, developers, students and media teachers—are welcome to attend.

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You can also check the event out on Facebook and at the University’s webpage.

Sara Pedersen Stene