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Digital self-defense

Freja Wedenborg is a Danish journalist and author of the book ‘Cryptoguide for journalists’. She teaches digital self-defense for journalists at the Danish School of Media and Journalism and is also a board member of the Danish Union of Journalists.

E-mails, online research, chats, texts and calls – today almost all of our work and digital communication can be surveilled and accessed by third party companies, authorities, it-criminals or others. What does this mean for the working conditions for journalists and media workers, who has an obligation to keep sources and material confidential? And how do we ensure that we are the ones in charge of what we share from our computers and phones? In this talk Freja Wedenborg covers how to get started on digital security for journalists and media and why it is a necessity in 2019.

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Freja Wedenborg
Danish journalist and author.