How can Students Best Learn Creativity and Responsible Risk Taking at the University?

The innovating approach partly explains why the studies at Media City Bergen are among the most popular programs at the University.

Suggested Dag Rune Olsen, Rector at the University of Bergen (UiB) as he opened the conference “Innovasjonspedagogikk I Media City Bergen”. In his speech, Olsen focused on how the innovating approach to pedagogy is an exciting strategy that provides teachers and students with new perspectives on the development and use of new technologies.

ViSmedia researcher, professor Lars Nyre, is a true innovation pedagogy pioneer. Since 2016 he has taught courses in which the students have explored responsible risk taking with drones, 3D-modelling, eye-tracking, VR and augmented reality, while also researching his own educational approach. During the conference, Nyre shared some of his work methods and experiences with innovation pedagogy. Read more about Nyre´s innovation pedagogy strategy here.

In one of the sessions Nyre´s former students Johanne M. Christensen Ågotnes, Sara Pedersen Stene and Fredrik Jensen, discussed their experiences with innovation pedagogy from a student perspective. The group also showcased their master project prototype for TV2 Sumo´s kid's channel, which was one of several indulging student projects presented to the more than 100 conference participants. Media professionals, technologists and researchers attended the conference.

Among the attendees was also Political Adviser Kjartan Almenningen from the Ministry of Education and Research. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and companies, and elaborated on how the Government wants to assist and facilitate such collaborations in the future.

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